我们的故事开始了 with our students.

Behind every degree, there is a unique and powerful person who dared to dream bigger, 达到更远, create a better future. Our students inspire us, we want to inspire them. That’s why we’re a nonprofit, open access university specifically designed to help you build on your passions and achieve your goals.

You deserve a university that's as tech-savvy as you are.

We’ve been innovating online learning for more than 25 years and are committed to delivering the highest quality digital experience possible. Our flexible learning formats allow our students to communicate seamlessly, submit assignments with ease, collaborate in meaningful ways–whether they're online or on campus.

Skip the traditional class format. Here, when you take courses online, you pick the program format that works best for you. Learn on your own schedule or connect with your instructor and fellow students at a set time.

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You have big dreams — we help make them possible.

We offer a quick and easy transfer experience, robust financial aid and scholarship packages, work-study opportunities, 和更多的. Each of our students receives a dedicated support team — an Enrollment Counselor, 学生教练 — that helps you feel confident in every decision all the way through graduation. 另外,我们的 职业服务 team is here to support you for life.

At Bellevue 大学, you’re learning the same things you’ll learn at a traditional school, but it’s a different format. 这样更有趣. It’s more real life. It’s not just straight out of a textbook.

Build a career with your degree.

You need a degree that’s not just a piece of paper. We collaborate with industry experts and leading businesses to ensure our students are prepared for what’s ahead.

  • Career-relevant programs
  • Future-proof industry knowledge
  • Job-ready skills you can apply immediately
  • Expert professors who care about your future, not just your education
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在线 or on campus, you’re part of the Bruin community.

The 46-acre Bellevue 大学 campus is located just outside the bustling business hub of Omaha, 内布拉斯加州. Our diverse student community builds lasting connections through social, 课外, athletic activities, including cheering on our nationally ranked sports teams alongside our mascot, 布鲁图斯.

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There may be a lot on your plate 现在. It could have you wondering if it’s the optimal time to earn a degree. Consider these indicators that going back to school as an adult could be the right choice for you, 现在.

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Do my credits transfer? 7 things to consider.

Most transfer students are surprised by how many of their credits transfer to Bellevue 大学 – and how simple it is. Curious if all your credits will transfer? Read these seven considerations for college credit transfer.


5 Reasons adult learners thrive at Bellevue 大学.

Not every degree program is created equal. What is it that makes Bellevue 大学 a particularly great partner for adult students? For starters, we’re an institution built for working adults. Explore seven unique ways that our flexible programs fit your life 现在 as you’re balancing work and school.